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Guangzhou Ganghua Lighting Plant

Guangzhou Ganghua Lighting Plant mainly integrates the R&D, design, production and sale of aluminum pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, reading lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, focus lamps, reflector lamps, etc. Our products sell well in Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc., by virtue of high quality and excellent design. We set up sales offices around China with good reputation and professional technologies.



Choose Ganghua Lighting, choose high-quality life!


Marketing all over the world due to high quality

and excellent design

Unlimited market opportunities for the world of light

The height of the highly developed market economy has brought Unlimited Business Opportunities, provides to the stage show to master the core technology of the enterprise and the ability of the person. Take the lighting industry, in recent years, the lighting demand is no longer satisfied with the simple lighting, Austria Miller as the representative of the quality of lighting products has become a symbol of the taste of life. Austrian Merlot lighting produced by Zhongshan Austrian Merlot Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. honor, people-oriented company, transfer green, energy saving and harmonious new life philosophy, spare no effort to create a warm and stylish, comfortable home environment for the vast number of consumers.

So far, the Austrian Miller lighting up to thousands of products, including Home Furnishing lighting, engineering lighting, LED lighting and electrical switches and other four categories, a comprehensive network world of wealth. The market continues to expand as the Olympic Miller has created a good opportunity, but also the opportunity to venture investors. In the economic development at the same time, people on the environment, resources, more attention to the issue of lighting, energy saving and environmental protection, the elimination of incandescent lamps, the use of energy-saving lamps, is the inevitable trend of the development of the times. Austrian Miller introduced advanced technology, spare no effort in energy saving technology, creating a new era of energy saving lighting products.

Today, in the big cities, in order to improve the quality, in addition to the enhance the taste of home decoration, guesthouse, hotel, KTV, tea houses and many offices, office buildings have also carried out a refined decoration. Austrian Miller lights jewelry category, to the designer brings a new creative ideas, improve the overall decorative effect of the room, showing the distinctive decorative style. Austrian Miller for consumers to create a world of lights, a sea of art, the quality of international luxury, style, popular price, all-round to meet the market demand for decoration. In China rural urbanization construction is another major engine of future economic Chinese, rural areas in the decoration on the consumption capacity significantly, it also brings more profit space for Austrian Miller.

In the market of lighting brand more and more, the increasingly fierce market competition situation, Miller Olympic art lighting can lead the market trend to a significant advantage, bring new competitive weapon for dealers. The huge business opportunities in the market is the Olympic melody development opportunities, to join the Olympic Merlot, like the wheel landed on the lighting industry, in the market sailing.

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Bedroom lighting products
Emphasizing the overall atmosphere of the bedroom lighting is warm, compared with room for daily living needs of the main lamp, bedside lamps also possesses a bedside reading master, dressing, dressing the local lighting needs. Not only that, if properly arranged, it can also play to adjust your bedroom atmosphere and beautify the living room.

How to choose

The main bedroom is sleep, rest places, sometimes influenced by the living conditions, but also to work or relatives collogue. Bedroom lighting is mainly composed of general lighting and local lighting.

General lighting in the bedroom

The general lighting atmosphere of the bedroom should be quiet, warm, pleasant, soft and comfortable. Those sparkling, colorful lamps are generally not suitable for installation in the bedroom. Because of their age, culture, hobbies, the comfort and warmth of the views and standards will be different, the bedroom lighting style requirements are different.

Bedroom lighting popular style:

1, quiet and comfortable this is the main trend of contemporary bedroom lighting. Scheme used is various, style can choose simple ceiling lamps, a opalesce, contrast with the bedroom walls pallens, a piece of pure; can use light canopy lighting, the light through the ceiling or wall reflection, very gentle and pleasant; also can be equipped with embedded lamps, wall lamp with the people, the "stars" of the direct light and "hazy" auxiliary light complement each other, more warm and elegant.

2, luxurious style shows the owner of financial resources and identity, the use of high-grade materials, luxury lighting and interior decoration to match. Such as the golden candle lighting with Baroque style furniture, can show the French court weather, beautiful decoration, brilliant. If the meticulous workmanship, exquisite material, shape, and exquisite senior rosewood lamps, with primitive simplicity of mahogany furniture, bearing extraordinary, show master deep nationalist sentiment and economic strength.

3, the modern avant-garde style of the pursuit of freedom, geometric graphics, line mixing and Chengdu City, the new lamps, breaking the traditional concept, reflecting the advance consciousness. Wall lamp is triangle, diamond, or irregular shaped; on the table lamp can be semi circular, linear graphics; lamp angular black and white; sit lights out arms like a bird, everything is simple and chic, give a person with surprises and unexpected. With simple lines of bedroom furniture, display of modern people to create new styles interest pursuit. Since the bedroom is often the work of the rest and work with two functions, the rest needs a low light and when the work requires sufficient illumination. To meet the requirements of the two lighting function, can take two ways: one is loaded high dimming device, control the lamp brightness; another is the indoor all sorts of lamps and lanterns switch control according to need to determine the number of lights.

Local lighting in the bedroom

In the bedroom must consider the local illumination facility, mainly has:

1, desk lighting. Illumination value is above 300LX, the general use of writing desk lamp lighting.

2, reading lighting. Many people love bedtime rely on the bedside frame press books, so to consider the selection of lighting lamp or wall lamp. Desk lamp is characterized by the mobile, flexible, and the lamp itself is a work of art, can give people the enjoyment of beauty, light through the shade can be a beautiful line on the wall. Wall lamp has the advantages of reflected light through the wall, can make the light soft.

3, dressing lighting. Illumination to more than 300lx, dressing mirror lamps commonly used temperature emitting lamp, light to incandescent or trichromatic fluorescent lamps is appropriate lamps installed at the top of the mirror, in the view of 60 degrees outside a solid angle, in order to avoid glare.

Reading lighting 4, sofa, often used in lighting lamp. Special needs to be pointed out is that due to the lighting electric light source is hot, charged, from the safety of installation in the children's bedroom lamps must have a certain height, so that children can not directly touch the light source, and not in the children's bedroom placement table luminaires.

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Vertical electric business is difficult to promote LED lighting manufacturers worried about what

Lighting businesses are not familiar with online procurement? Online procurement of lamps too much trouble? Online procurement platform is not mature...... Should solve many problems in the procurement of lamps and lanterns, it can be predicted that the market prospect of the online procurement of lamps is very broad.

Online purchasing is more concerned with product quality and price

It can not be denied, whether it is the traditional procurement or online procurement, quality and price are the two important factors in the business is very concerned about. In an investigation of the dealer, there are 79% of the businesses online procurement more concerned about the quality, this option topped the list; second, concerned about the price of the business accounted for 76%, second only to the quality". Visible, lighting distributors through the online purchase lamps, despite their importance to the product price, to reduce procurement costs, but "quality" or online merchants to buy the "concerns", after all, purchased products eventually should also take into account sales and market.

In addition, the "service" (47%), "style" (45%) and other aspects of the business is also more concerned about the factors. In fact, for business platform, the product price is focus attracting the attention of the user, and "product quality" is harvest users and fans to give the user confidence in the security, in order to obtain a more long-term development, the quality of the products can not be ignored. At the same time, brand awareness is not only an important indicator of the business to find good products, but also to attract businesses to pay attention to and affect the network sales of important factors.

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